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Occupational Therapy Assistant


College of the Canyons


Occupational Therapy Assistant - Academic Fieldwork Coordinator

A Full-Time Faculty Position

Closing Date: 6/10/2024


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Salary Placement: 

Initial Salary Placement on Academic Salary Schedule C is dependent on education and experience.  Salary range is from:  $79,308 – $126,084 annually (adjusted for 12 months of pay per year).  Column placement is based on education and step placement will be based on years of professional experience, not to exceed nine (9) years’ experience for a maximum placement of Step 10: For details, click on link to Academic Salary Schedule.

College of the Canyons is seeking a faculty leader as an Occupational Therapy Assistant Academic Fieldwork Coordinator.  This is a 10-MONTH professional, full-time tenure track position beginning August 2024.

The Santa Clarita Community District is committed to achieving educational equity for all students. As presented in our District Strategic Plan, which focuses on Access, Engagement, and Success, “Equity, inclusion, and diversity are not goals in themselves, but ideologies embedded in all actions and planning across all departments and functions of our college and its two campuses.

College of the Canyons is part of the Santa Clarita Community College District and is designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), enrolling approximately 32,000 students each academic year. College of the Canyons has a diverse student population that reflects our focus on enhancing the educational attainment and economic well-being of the community we proudly serve.

We seek employees that value mentorship and working in a collegial, collaborative environment, who are conscientious risk takers and transformational leaders guided by a commitment to helping all students achieve their educational goals.


 This position is a high priority for our District for the 2024-2025 year and is contingent upon continued available district, grant and state funding.

College of the Canyons is seeking a faculty leader as an Occupational Therapy Assistant Academic Fieldwork Coordinator.  This is a 10-MONTH professional, full-time tenure track position beginning August 2024.  The position may include a combination of teaching, department, college, and community leadership functions.  Assignment may include day, evening, and weekend duties at all District sites.  

Qualifications and Minimum Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent foreign degree, plus a professional license or certification in the assignment AND two years of professional experience directly related to Occupational Therapy; 

OR- Any Associate degree or equivalent foreign degree plus a professional license or certification in the assignment AND six years of professional experience directly related to the assignment.

In Addition to the Minimum Qualifications Applicants Must Meet the Following Accreditation Standards: 

Be an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant who is licensed or otherwise regulated according to regulations in the state(s) or jurisdiction(s) in which the program is located. 

  • Must have two years of documented experience in the field of occupational therapy, which must include:
  • Clinical practice experience as an occupational therapist or as an occupational therapy assistant 
  • Professional experience as a fieldwork educator or documentation of training in the roles and responsibilities of a fieldwork educator
  • Have completed or be currently enrolled in the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Fieldwork Educators Certificate Workshop.

*Note to current COC adjunct instructors in the discipline: If you were qualified and hired under the previous set of equivalencies, you may still qualify for this position.  Please contact Human Resources.

Required Licenses / Certifications

  • Possession and maintenance of a current, unrestricted license issued by the California Board of Occupational Therapy.
  • Possession and maintenance of a valid California driver’s license.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Abilities 

  • Participate in professional/volunteer organizations which include membership in state association Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC) and American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).
  • Commitment to maintain currency in the discipline, including use of advanced technology required in the discipline. 
  • Experience with online teaching and pedagogy is desired. 
  • Strong commitment to professional growth and development, and to the continued innovation and improvement of successful teaching.
  • Ability to work effectively with computers and other forms of advanced technology utilized in providing high quality instruction and the understanding and successful use of learning technology. 
  • Willingness to facilitate and encourage student success by working to develop varied and innovative academic learning environments. 
  • Ability to communicate professionally and clearly with students and staff, both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with on-campus groups (including students, faculty, administrators and staff), as well as, off-campus community and education partners. 
  • In addition to being well qualified to teach in their respective disciplines, it is desirable that faculty have additional abilities and interests in contributing to other professional pursuits at the College, such as: instructional innovation, second language ability, sponsoring clubs, new program development, student success initiatives and community outreach.
  • Demonstrated sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and disability backgrounds of community college students.

Professional Responsibilities

  • Faculty members at College of the Canyons facilitate student learning by working to develop every student’s ability and by designing varied and exciting learning environments.
  • Faculty members work as team members with all staff, create innovations in teaching and learning methods, and work to provide an environment for students to be partners in learning.
  • Faculty members also assist in program planning, carry out related projects and evaluate related department programs and faculty.  
  • Faculty members carry out their professional responsibilities by participating in the college decision-making activities related to academic and professional matters via meetings, by participating on project teams, by engaging in ongoing and meaningful professional development, and by providing support to students on a one-to-one and small group basis at regularly scheduled times.
  • In addition to professional expertise in teaching within the discipline, applicants should possess the following abilities and attitudes that have been identified as important to successful performance in the position.

Professional Abilities

  • Success and commitment as a team player, including the ability to engage in cooperative problem solving. 
  • Success at initiating, executing and following up on projects, including the ability to set specific objectives and measure achieved results;
  • A commitment to the mission and values of the community college;
  • A positive attitude, including the ability to foster collegiality;
  • Flexibility, including the acceptance of and willingness to change;
  • Open-mindedness, including fairness and the ability to see multiple perspectives;
  • The willingness to take risks and be innovative;
  • A willingness to see complex tasks through to completion; and
  • The willingness to accept responsibility for professional and personal growth.

Application Process:

This application process is ongoing until the position is filled.

If you require assistance, please call the Human Resources office at (661) 362-3427 or email:

Job ID: 73729869

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